ENDEKA BATHWARE lais it’s foundation stone with sheer determination and excellence driven passion by emphasizing in bathware and export having in Transcontinental business presence

ENDEKA” the brand name of HONEST CERAMIC PVT. LTD, with a vision of crafting global level’s artifacts and masterpiece quality sanitaryware by incorporating the best knowledgeable team with ultra odern technology. It is one of the most evolving and prominent sanitaryware manufacturing company.

The team “ENDEKA” emgerges stylish and splendorous sanitaryware products.Our R&D team is always bounded to develop out of the box concept to meet global demand which tends to be environment as well as pocket friendly.

Our company commits the best support to our customers, which is our trade mark. We always believe in philosophy that we make products what customer wants instead of we make customer to buy which we make.

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Broadening new horizons’ will give ENDEKA BATHWARE omnidirectional growth perspective. It will incept the transformation of the company from domestic to global company.We’re enriching india’s financial backbone, strengthening India’s capabilities and comitting a higher global imprint–for ourselves and our country.
Our Core values make stood us as a class instead of mass. Attitude of revolution is the core of the organization’s DNA and plays a apex role in achieving value to our customers through intensive emphatic approach on technology & value addition.  To be committed to look after to the requirements of our customers, associates and business partners and giving space to their value. To be committed to an entreprising approach that gears up the vertical growth of our companies .
Progressively strive to upscale the throughput of our quality system and elevating the product design  Acquisite every processing & testing phase to maintain up to the mark quality.  Adhering to human resource management for the quality system management


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